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12 Best Bike Tour Films of 2016

12 Best Bike Tour Films of 2016

Why do I love bike touring movies so much?


As a kid I loved to skateboarded. I'd be grinding and kick-flipping any chance I got. Before going out, me and my friends used to psych ourselves up by watching a new skate videos.

Sports movies totally pump us up. We get inspired by the achievements of these athletes when we watch. And the newest ones always seem to work better.

Incredibly, there are hundred of bike tours happening right now. These days so many of us have cameras, Go-Pros and even entire crews with high end equipment. Capturing good...

Nine Highlight Rides on Bike Tour

Nine Highlight Rides on Bike Tour

"This is our highlight ride!"

These are words spoken to me while cruising down a steep hill on Highway 1 in California, perfect weather and ocean and beach in view. I thought "he's right, this is fun!"

The whole stretch of coast was like that. A day of perfect touring conditions.

On a bike tour some shorter segments stand out for scenery, speed, or general good vibes. Every bike tourer has experienced a handful of these perfect highlights during longer bike tours.

Highlight ride memory bike tour

While following a...

I interviewed 9 bike tourers and asked "What’s Your Luxury Item On Tour?"

I interviewed 9 bike tourers and asked "What’s Your Luxury Item On Tour?"

Luxury Tax: pay $75.
Then add your luxury item to your bike touring gear and carry it thousands of km’s. Just like Monopoly, luxury really does cost on a bike tour. 
A loaded bike is harder to push up hill, so each of our belongings takes extra consideration. Experienced...

Some Important Lessons From My First Long-Haul Bike Tour

This is the beginning of something new and useful for long-haul bike touring: well designed products and an encouraging community.

Before, touring was a fringe or renegade sport. Family members scoff and close friends question our decision making skills. Bike tourers piece their touring rigs together, and only sturdiest parts last the journey. Not to mention only the sturdiest riders.

I've loved biking around my home, Vancouver BC since I was little. I looked forward my own long-haul trip by bike. Finally, at 31, I made the jump, and me and my girlfriend set out for a 6-month...