12 Best Bike Tour Films of 2016

Why do I love bike touring movies so much?


As a kid I loved to skateboarded. I'd be grinding and kick-flipping any chance I got. Before going out, me and my friends used to psych ourselves up by watching a new skate videos.

Sports movies totally pump us up. We get inspired by the achievements of these athletes when we watch. And the newest ones always seem to work better.

Incredibly, there are hundred of bike tours happening right now. These days so many of us have cameras, Go-Pros and even entire crews with high end equipment. Capturing good footage is tough. Editing it into something watchable is taking it to another level.

That's why i love these movies, this footage gets me ready to take on the world by bike tour!

Pump up the jams

Look at the quality in these! So many bike tourers sharing their views, their challenges and their victories, usually to a wicked beat.

These film makers are sharing their adventures for free, our only job is to find and enjoy it.

Let's get inspired for your next tour. Check out these epic bike tour movies and you'll feel the need to hit the road!

11 Top Bike Tour Videos of 2016

Here are my favourite bike touring videos of the year. They're all free, the makers just want your view!

#1: See The World 6 - Iohan the Bike Wanderer (48 min)

Iohan's movies are expertly filmed, and capture a mix of everyday and extraordinary adventures of Iohan's bike tour through the americas.

#2: Des Jours en un au Laos (5 min)

Something about the haunting music and capturing the day to day make this series awesome. Plus... drones! This is better footage thanks to these wondrous flying machines.

#3: Parque National Promo Ad (3 min)

A professional vid to get you pumped about riding your bike in quebec. Great shots!

#4: Cycling Around the World Part 1 (1 min)

Short and epic. Where's my bike, I need to get on tour now!

#5: Not Far From Home (3 min)

This is top notch cinematography from an amazing backpacking tour. I honestly felt like I was on the trip by the end of the movie.

#6: 10 Highest Passes of the Alps on a Touring Bicycle (20 min)

Another epic tour by the Bicycle Touring Addict. I love Ralf's style, always challenging himself. And his music selection makes the adventure really fun.

#7: Bicycle Touring: What Did We Get Ourselves Into (10 min)

Hail, hills and home-free, and that's just day one. Cycling in the Pacific Northwest at its finest.

#8: Cursos Bike Canine (17 sec)

Holy smokes I'm not sure what just hit me. This is an enthusiastic blast of bike touring and dogs. Wish my spanish was a bit better as I'd love to get into the whole series.

#9: How To Slow Down the Passing of Time (16 min)

Jedidiah nails it in this epic TED talk about bike touring. Very eloquently spoken.

#10: Cycle Tour of Japan #9 (7 min)

Crank and Cog, we'll be following your vids in the future. I'm inspired by this video for a few reasons. #1 the music... it wraps me up like a warm sleeping bag. #2 look what these guys just did with their go-pro, what a sick line. This is compelling me to get out and ride.

#11: Southward Bound Trip Log #9 (7 min)

These guys are on the most epic adventure of their lives to raise money for charity. Don't miss it!

#12: Beulah (8 min)

The cinematography of this beautifully filmed bikepacking tour are outstanding, what makes it shine is the music and atmosphere.


Watch Sea To Sky, A Short Bike Tour Film

Check out Sea To Sky, gem of BC's coast, by entering your email address. Disclosure: I made this movie, along with my good friend and film maker Nathaniel Canuel, so of course I think it's awesome!

The movie is a bike touring short film, taking you up the Sea To Sky in the Squamish valley. The film features FAT WRAP, and independent bike touring product.


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