Installing FAT WRAP

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You are holding FAT WRAP bar tape, an original and independent product designed in Vancouver BC.

FAT WRAP installs differently from conventional tape. Follow these instructions to get the tape on your bike for maximum enjoyment.

How to Install FAT WRAP:

Like any other bar tape, install FAT WRAP with liberal use of electrical tape. Begin by removing your old tape.

1. Start by wrapping a whole turn towards the end of the handlebars, wrapping up towards the center of the bike (opposite your grip).

TIP: start by using a 4” strip of electrical tape, parallel to FAT WRAP to hold it down and make the first wrap easier.

Note: Do not tuck or fold tape in bar ends. Fat Wrap sits flush to end of bars.

2. When wrapping, cover half the previous wrap, the silicone should sit at the contact of the bars and the tape.

Remember: wrap should not show all the branding when installed properly, as it is overlapped by the next wrap.

3. Use extra strip of FAT WRAP to cover bars next to brake hoods. There is no need to criss-cross tape here, just continue wrapping in one direction.

4. When you finish wrapping, cut the end to sit flat and tape ending using electrical tape or use the adhesive supplied.

You're done!

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