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I'm excited you're here, on my page! I'm a first-time solo-preneur, NGO campaigner and cycling enthusiast. I'm stoked to share high-quality cycling products and resources for the bike touring and bike packing community.



A few things about me: I'm born and raised in Vancouver BC, worked in the DR Congo for 2 years and I once biked to Haines AK! In the evenings I do fundraising for an environmental NGO up here in Canada.I keep a part-time job in-part to pay to start my business.



In the future, I foresee this business generating income for cycling communities and charities.For now the profits generated from my small business are going to be reinvested so I can continue to design more great bike touring gear.



You might have heard of FAT WRAP bar tape. I'm the creator, Click Here To See FAT WRAP. Making FAT WRAP was a big project for me, which I started just after my first big tour. FAT WRAP bar tape is a unique product, designed and marketed by me and manufactured in a small batch. Most other tape is made at a few factories in China and Taiwan, and there isn't much variety available for bike touring and bike-packing.



Above all, FatWrap is super high-quality, designed for bike touring and bike packing. Durability and comfort are the two things FAT WRAP does well. To Find Out More About FAT WRAP, Click Here



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